Current Conditions

Updated January 3rd 2023

Weekend of May 5th now has availability due to group cancelation!

Sundance is now closed for the winter, after enjoying our busiest season ever in 45 years!

We were glad to enjoy a more “back to normal” season in 2022.  Now, that being said, this is still a time of adjusting to changing conditions, and we want to make sure that all our guests are comfortable.

Since the lifting of Covid restrictions, we have been able to go back to our usual practice of the past many years, of having guests seated together at large tables in the dining room, which has always been such a big part of the enjoyment of mealtimes at Sundance, with the great conversation and the chance to meet new friends.

We recognize however that guests may not be comfortable sharing a table with other guests who may be unvaccinated. People may have immuno-compromised family members at home, for example, and therefore want to be careful about such things.

We have therefore been emailing guests shortly prior to arrival, asking that they let us know if they prefer to be seated only with others who are vaccinated, in which case they will be asked to show their vaccine passport upon arrival.

This will enable us to ensure that we seat you only with others who are vaccinated and who have made the same request.  Families with small children who have not yet been vaccinated will need to have their own table if they do not want to share a table with unvaccinated guests.

Guests are also welcome to take their plate over to the adult lounge or to dine on the patio or of course, in their rooms if they prefer.

Re further Covid safety, any guest who arrives at Sundance displaying Covid-related illness will be required, with all respect and sympathy, to re-schedule their booking and will be given a transferrable letter of credit for future use.

We wish all our guests a healthy and happy winter season and look forward to welcoming you all back next year!