Virus Measures Update

What are we doing to keep our guests and staff safe? 

Re Corona Virus / COVID-19 outbreak as of March 24, 2020:

We hope you are all keeping well and sane in these crazy times!

In light of current restrictions on public travel and gatherings, it seems unlikely that guests will be able to come to us any time soon, but we’re ready and waiting as soon as restrictions are lifted!

When that happens, we will of course be ramping up cleaning routines and taking extra precautions like everyone else.

We have some ideas going forward for when guests are first able to come to us again, including and as necessary:

Private individual fire pits for each group of family/friends for distanced socializing.

Meals delivered takeout style to the rooms, and guests may choose to eat at their fire pit, in their room, or at a specially designated private dining area that will be set aside for their group only, for the duration of their stay.   We will provide disposable, biodegradable cups and plates, and cutlery will be provided in the rooms with dish soap, towel and ziplock bag so guests may assure themselves they have not been touched by other hands.

Some longer trail rides to explore more outlying areas, with saddlebag lunches.

Guests who are interested will be taught to groom, bridle and saddle their own horses.  With everyone requested to wear gloves for riding, and proper social distancing, this can be easily accomplished, especially as we expect to be operating at around half capacity.

Some of these measures may seem extreme, but since the experience of riding a horse out in the fresh air and on the open trails is one of the safest sports we can imagine in regard to current concerns, we want to make sure that the “indoor” experience is just as safe!