Virus Measures Update

What are we doing to keep our guests and staff safe? 

Update on COVID-19 protocols as of June 14, 2020:

In light of the current easing of some restrictions on public travel and gatherings, including on hotels and resorts, we are able to welcome guests as of June 5th.

Please make your “Snacks, Supplies and Alcohol” stops before you leave town, and please do not stop in Ashcroft on the way to Sundance.  The little village of Ashcroft is striving to stay Covid-free and is not able to welcome out-of-town visitors at this time. 

Guests are requested to wear gloves for horseback riding, and Wranglers will wear masks for any close interaction with guests, for example at mount-up time. 

Outdoor fire pits for distanced socializing.

 Guests will dine at individual tables that will be set aside for their group only, for the duration of their stay.

 Takeout containers and/or paper plates will also be available for guests who prefer to eat outside or in their room.

 We will be modifying our usual chafer service for meal times.  Guests will line up for their meals as usual, but one group at a time and at a 2 metre distance from the chafer service area, while servers will dish out your meal and then place your plate (or takeout container) on a table where you can pick it up to enjoy at your designated table or your chosen dining spot, whether that be at your designated table in the dining room, at one of the rustic outdoor picnic tables, in a chair on the patio, at the fire pit or in your room. 

Seating areas for socializing in the lounge will be sanitized between sessions.  Guest are asked to practice distancing and be respectful of each others’ space in this regard.  Bar stools will be removed so that guests may access the area behind the bar for  storage and drink prep purposes.  Please vacate the area behind the bar as soon as you have your drinks. 

 Rather than daily room service, lidded bins will be provided outside each room for garbage change.   In-room service will be limited to towel change every third day.  Please understand that due to extra time that will be required for deep-cleaning rooms between bookings, we may not be able to accommodate specific room requests as we will need to avoid having rooms re-occupied on same day as check-out.

Public restrooms at Sundance will be out of use until further notice, so guests will be using only their own washrooms in their rooms, please.

Guests will be asked not to access the front office whenever possible, or at least to wait until other guests have vacated before entering.  We will be using a simple Self-Check-In and Out System that allows us to check you out with the card number on secure file, the same way we process the advance deposits.  

Guests who become ill prior to their booked vacation are required to stay home and will be issued a full letter of credit for future use.  Any guest who arrives appearing ill with possible Covid-like symptoms will be required, with all sympathy and respect, to leave the property and will be issued a $200 refund and a letter of credit for the remainder for future use. 

Since the experience of riding a horse out in the fresh air and on the open trails is one of the safest sports we can imagine in regard to distancing protocols, we want to make sure that the “indoor” experience is just as safe!