Current Conditions

Updated September 17:
We are open and operating normally, with clear skies and cooler temperatures, and no alerts. All highways to Sundance are open and clear, and there are no fires near us.
We continue to enjoy excellent riding conditions.
Regarding Covid-19 protocols, all Sundance staff are required to be vaccinated.  Out of 34 staff including management, 2 are waiting for their 2nd shot, and all the rest are fully-vaccinated. 
We are not required to enforce vaccine passports at this time, as hotels, resorts, cabins and campsites are not listed in the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) order so do not require proof of vaccination to have guests stay.  Our dining room is licensed, but it is not a restaurant; it is a private dining room for registered guests only.  We are keeping windows open for ventilation and cranking the heat when necessary!  Guests are required to mask up in the dining room until seated at distanced tables, and the same applies in the BYOB bar lounge. We are operating on reduced occupancy in order to facilitate distancing. Guests are welcome to carry their meals over to the bar lounge or out to the patio or firepits if they wish, or even in their rooms if they prefer.

We placed propane fire pits around the ranch to replace the usual wood fire pits, due to the campfire ban, but even now that the ban is lifted, the propane fire pits have proven popular, so we are keeping them in place for now. Evenings around the fire under the stars are simply the best, and we have a large supply of cozy lap blankets in the lounge for guests to use!