Current Conditions

Updated October 27, 2021:

We closed for the season October 17, and October 20 was the last day of work for most of our seasonal staff.  We miss them (and all of you!) already!

Definitely one for the books, a very odd year and one we hope will never be repeated, what with Covid on top of a bad wildfire summer.

We are pretty booked up already for next year, in great part due to cancelled bookings from the last two years being pushed ahead.

At this time, guests do NOT have to be vaccinated in order to come stay with us next year, but DO need to be vaccinated in order to use the dining room or bar lounge.

Guests who are not vaccinated may come pick up their meals the same as everyone else, which for everyone includes masking up until seated, and may then choose to eat on the patio, around a fire pit or in their rooms if the weather is inclement.

Masks are required for all guests over 12 years of age in all other indoor areas.

All Sundance staff are required to be fully-vaccinated for 2022.

During the summer, we placed propane fire pits around the ranch to replace the usual wood fire pits, due to the campfire ban.  Even after the ban was lifted, the propane fire pits proved popular, so we are keeping them in place for now. Evenings around the fire under the stars are simply the best, and we have a large supply of cozy lap blankets in the lounge for guests to use!

Guests can have their vaccine passports checked upon check-in, and will not need to show them again for the duration of their stay, as we will keep a record.

Anyone wishing to cancel due to vaccine passport requirements will receive a full letter of credit for future use.  As this order is not under our control, it falls under the Force Majeure clause of our cancellation policy, so refunds will not be offered.  Letters of Credit are transferrable, non-expiring and may be applied to any new, ie not pre-existing, booking.

We are hopeful that this will be merely short-term pain for long-term gain, and we thank you for your understanding and support as always –