Sundance Guest Ranch


This is it – this is your ranch, only four hours from Vancouver, Canada! Whether you’re looking for a horseback riding holiday with a bit of adventure, a family vacation at a dude ranch where even the kids will have fun, or just some place new where you can really get away from it all, you’ve found it.

Around The Ranch

Located just outside of Ashcroft, BC, Sundance Guest Ranch is one of the places you can’t believe exists so close to the amazing city of Vancouver. Something you’d never expect to find and a real joy to visit.

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The Alien Airstrip

The Alien Airstrip is one of our regular and experienced guests’ favourite runs, and we finally caught it on video thanks to Wrangler Teresa on Falkor!

The Jingle

The “Jingle” at Sundance Guest Ranch has been known by the staff and guests for so many years that no one can remember where the name originally came from. But to this day it still represents the horses being untacked (after the last ride), then let out of the barn area to go back to the pasture for the night to feed. The guests thoroughly enjoy having 100 plus horses running by them in close proximity.

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Filmed & edited by LCMunsell Photography

The Wranglers – Past & Present

The Wranglers of Sundance Guest Ranch are an experienced group of guys and gals who are here to make your time at the Ranch one of your best memories yet!

We generally run a herd of around 100 happy horses and our wranglers will show you all the best trails, tell you bad jokes and generally make sure you have a fabulous time!

Music by – Waves Hullamol (A. Gàbor Szucs) Creol Napfény

Filmed and edited by LCMunsell Photography