About Sundance Guest Ranch

This is it – this is your ranch, only four hours from Vancouver, British Columbia!

This website will give you a lot of information about Sundance Guest Ranch, the horseback riding, the food, the atmosphere – what makes us great for anything from a family vacation to a bachelor party, and so on, but what you’ll really want to know is – what makes Sundance special enough for your precious vacation time, whether it’s a week of summer vacation bliss or just a last-minute weekend getaway.

Sundance Guest Ranch is just an easy four hour drive from Vancouver, BC and accessible via 3 different scenic routes … but that’s not it.

Sundance Guest Ranch is located in one of the warmest, sunniest spots in Canada with sweeping, panoramic views of the wide open Thompson River Valley that are so beautiful, they’re ridiculous… but that’s not it.

Sundance Guest Ranch serves delicious and varied meals that go well beyond what you might expect from a “dude ranch”… but that’s not it either.

Sundance Guest Ranch runs a herd of over 100 happy, well-cared-for horses with thousands of acres of spectacular and varied terrain to explore, and the horseback riding is truly wonderful, whether you’re looking for relaxing, instructive or exciting… but even that’s not it.

When you’ve just got back from a ride, and you’re sitting on the lounge deck with your favourite drink in your hand, watching the herd gallop out to the field for the night and laughing with someone you’ve known ten minutes like you’ve known them ten years… lean back, put a foot up on the railing and look around… you’re close, close to knowing why we say:

The first time, it’s a vacation – after that, it’s coming home.™

This is your Ranch.