Riding at Sundance Guest Ranch

This is what we’re really proud of, and what you’ll be talking about over breakfast, lunch, and dinner–and for days after you’re back at home!


Sundance has a large crew of wranglers in order to give you the most wonderful riding experience we possibly can. Rides are kept small (usually 5 or 6 riders at most) in order to give you the best possible combination of fun, adventure and safety!

We use the information you provide to select the best horse for you.


Groups may be broken up by riding ability, or by groups of friends and family who want to ride together; it’s all very flexible!

Each group of riders is accompanied by an experienced wrangler who will give you all the instruction you need to make your horseback experience as safe and fun as possible. We offer two rides a day, with each ride lasting 2 to 2.5 hours through some of that spectacular scenery we mentioned earlier–you’ll see what we mean. Some of us have lived here for nearly 40 years and when the light is just right, the view still stops us in our tracks.

Mounting Up:

You’ve heard about our warm, sunny climate – but are you worried the summer weather might be too hot for riding? No worries!  If it really starts to cook, we skip the afternoon ride and have a beautiful evening ride instead. These are the long days of summer Canadians wait for all year, and after an afternoon spent by our big beautiful pool, maybe with that book you’ve been meaning to read all year – and maybe an afternoon nap in your air-conditioned room – we mount up after dinner and head out for a truly magical experience! Our desert climate cools off quickly when the sun starts to go down, making for prime riding time – and there are few things more romantic than watching the sun go down from the back of a good horse! You’ll return in the cool twilight to a generous spread of refreshments served at the home ranch.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider who loves that adrenaline rush of galloping over the countryside on a spirited, responsive horse, or a first-timer who is quite content taking it easy…. it doesn’t matter; relax, you’re going to love it here. Eight years old or eighty, single or bringing the whole family, we’re with you every step of the way.

When you hop off your horse at the end of the day, you might be walking funny for a few steps, but we guarantee you’ll be smiling!

Please note that weight restrictions are in place for horseback riding.

Click here to review our Riding and Cancellation policies.

Please feel free to call us toll-free (1-800-553-3533) for more information about our riding.

Things to Not Forget

  • Sunscreen, bathing suit (we provide pool towels) and some sandals or “flip-flops”. Our wooden boardwalks are worn smooth but splinters can happen!
  • Jeans or other comfortable long pants for riding. Sweatpants are not recommended as they are slippery on the saddle. Think practical. Fashion can come into it later in the day!
  • Pretty much everyone wears a riding helmet these days (provided free of charge), but if you’re not planning to wear one, then be sure to bring a hat of some kind to keep the sun off. Please be sure it can stay on in windy conditions or you may not be able to bring it with you on the ride. You might not be popular with your fellow riders if your hat keeps blowing off and landing on their horse’s face!
  • If you want to bring a camera with you on the ride, bring a small one that fits in your pocket. Nothing with a strong strap can be worn around your neck while riding.